Check here all the applications and advantages of laser welding.

Bigger parts? Check our brand new
5 axis CNC machine.

Business Areas


Industrial Mechanical Maintenance

Our team carries out preventive and/or reparative mechanical interventions on any industrial equipment. We service industrial companies from all business sectors offering fast and high quality solutions.


Precision Parts

Moldamirco manufactures metal precision parts (in carbon steel or alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, etc.) and plastic precision parts (nylon, Teflon, POM, etc.) for various business sectors based on samples and/or on technical drawings.


Thermoforming molds

We have extensive experience in manufacturing thermoforming molds for plastic, rubber and polystyrene for various applications, providing you with a sample or the end product based on a technical drawing. We also develop molds crafted to your specific needs.

Our Services


Machined parts

We have a wide variety of equipment allowing us to manufacture a miscellaneous of machined parts, including versatile and modern CNC Machining Centers, as well as Wire EDM machines.


Welding / Metalworking

With our highly experienced and certified welders we offer you a wide range of welding processes to meet your every requirement.


Managing technical projects

Moldamirco has a highly qualified and experienced technical staff dedicated to developing and designing small tools, frameworks, thermoforming molds and a wide variety of complex precision parts.