Machined Parts

We have a wide variety of machinery, including some of the most recent industrial equipment in the metalworking business, which allows us to offer very flexible and comprehensive machining solutions:

  • •  CNC Machining
  • •  Wire EDM
  • •  Penetration EDM
  • •  Conventional Turning and Milling
  • •  Pantograph

Welding / Metalworking

With our highly experienced and certified welders we offer you a wide range of welding processes:


Work precision, low thermal shock and simple end mechanization, very useful in the repair of molds, dies, cutting tools and welding in areas of difficult access.

PDF Laser Welding


  • •  MIG / MAG
  • •  TIG Welding
  • •  Electrode Welding
  • •  ROTOTEC Welding

Developing customer’s technical projects

We bring together our dedicated technical team to develop and design various types of projects: crafting small tools, frameworks, thermoforming molds and highly complex precision parts to meet our customer’s most demanding requirements. This process relies on the most recent 2D and 3D computer technology which, in addition to supporting our production, also allows us to simulate mechanical behaviour of different parts and machines.

The work developed by our technicians enables our customers to optimize their industrial equipment allowing for future efficiency gains.